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Kat Dennings’ Lipton Tea Ad [X]

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in honor of Mean Girls’ 10th anniversary, here’s an incredibly subtle but completely extraordinary joke that you’ve probably never noticed from the movie (I saw it at least a dozen times before it dawned on me): Regina George started a rumor that Janis Ian was a lesbian in the 8th grade, but it wasn’t out of malice… it was because Janis told her that she was Lebanese

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my mating call is the sound of my microwave beeping

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"You want to kiss all kinds of different people, you want to wake up in a stranger’s bed maybe once or twice just to see if it feels good to feel nothing, you want to have a group of friends that feels like a tribe, a bonafide family. You want to go from one place to the next constantly and have your weekends feel like one long epic day. You want to dance to stupid music in your stupid room and have a nice job that doesn’t get in the way of living your life too much. You want to be less scared, less anxious, and more willing. Because if you’re closed off now, you can only imagine what you’ll be like later."

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I was collecting the voice files from Disney Infinity when I noticed that Elsa’s are arranged and performed in a rather…amusing way.

Performed by Idina Menzel herself

im crying

What the fuck

???? uuuummmmm

I can’t breathe.

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erection and election are spelled almost exactly the same and when u think about it they basically mean the same thing

a dick rising to power

wait for it


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my laptop is hotter than my sex life.

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"I can’t wait for the day I get to fucking marry you."

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I wish my wallet came with free refills

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When your celebrity idols reveal their inner fandom nerds

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it’s very important that i am both cute and powerful

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